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Yoga for Runners Workshop: Hip Health

Yoga for Runners Workshop: Hip Health and will be a three hour workshop where we will do a solid vinyasa and restorative practice and then we will break it down into strength and range of motion movements and postures where you can learn how to use techniques borrowed from vinyasa, restorative and hatha yoga as well as strength training.  It will be held on Sunday 12/16 from 1:30-4:30 at Vita Oakland in Rockridge.  There is an optional happy hour afterwards.  The cost is $75.

This three hour workshop will focus on how to keep your hips happy and healthy.  We will learn different techniques to gain functional range of motion and better stability based out of strength work, vinyasa and restorative yoga.  We will use resistance bands (provided) as well as postures from modern vinyasa yoga to activate glutes, hips and hamstrings and then talk about what functional range of motion means for a runner and for your body.  You'll learn several ways to customize your own daily or weekly routine based on your needs and your body.  Make an investment in your body.

Space is limited and this event will likely fill to capacity.

Registration begins on 11/1