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jenny maier | Y O G A

come together as a community, to practice and to learn how yoga fits in your life.


teaching philosophy

I'm an athlete at heart and a yogi by choice.  I believe that the body was built for movement.  I believe that the mind-body connection is a strong tool no matter what your yoga, fitness or life goals are.  And I believe it all starts and ends with a good foundation of body awareness and appreciation for mindful movement and flexibility driven from strength. 


As a teacher, my job is to educate and guide you into your own authentic practice.  The rest is all you. 


Background, focus and style

my background in running, strength training and yoga led me to the intersection of functional biomechanics blended with fluidity of mindful movement routed through strength as opposed to pure flexibility or mobility. While my teachings are somewhat technical in nature, they are a tool to access better awareness of your body both on the mat and as an athlete.

i currently offer public classes, workshops and retreats ranging from all styles of yoga and for all audiences and levels. no matter where you practice with me, you will challenge your mind and body with healthy alignment guided by on nuanced cues to awaken all parts of the body in creating that deep connection with mindfulness of functional movement.